Why Do They Not Realize They're Being Jerks?

It makes me so angry when I hear my friends joking about gays and lesbians like it doesn't hurt their feelings. Every mean joke hurts. I know when I was little, I use to get so upset over blonde jokes because I was a blonde myself. I felt insulted that they even would say something so mean about another human being, and that they actually felt that I was a typical stupid blonde which is totally untrue. I hate stereotypes, I hate them so much. I listen to my Mormon friends talk about stereotypical Lesbian and Gay behavior and it makes me sick, because they don't realize how wrong they are and that they have been misinformed. They don't even notice that the person they are telling all this to is actually Lesbian. Yep, that's right, I'm a lesbian. I find girls attractive, I daydream about kissing a girl, but that doesn't mean I cut my hair pixie short, have tattoos and piercing, and wear rainbow colors. I'm tall with a super-model body, but not particularly into sports and actually fairly clumsy. I'm shy, dress a bit tomboyish, but also can wear dresses and skirts. All these traits make me unique. I'm not a stereotype!! And I want my friends, and the world to realize that their words, stereotypes and jokes are hurtful and mean.
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13-15, F
Jun 5, 2012