Yesterday, my mom and her friend were talking about rude and obnoxious guys. They came up with the conclusion that they had to be gay.
I was sitting there looking at them like, "really?" But they didnt seem to notice as they were too busy laughing.
As of yesterday though, i wonder what they will think once i come out as bi.
MeeeKazz MeeeKazz
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Lol people say stupid **** especially around freinds just dont take it seriously

I know that. But sometimes it just annoys me so much

Ya the whole " thats so gay" used to annoy the **** out of me but i stoped caring so i wouldnt be anoyed constantly.

Trying to ignore something like that is hard for me to do for some reason so i cant really do that

Lol well thats the extent of my wisdom

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You go girl!

I support you!!! Lots of loveeee!! :)