Being Disabled

What's up my name is Mike I'm 18 I have a disability called CP or ceribal paulsy it affects my legs to were I walk weird. Growing up wit a disibility wasn't easy for me because I could never figure out y kids would laugh and point at me as I walked by. As days progressed it wasn't just laughing it was bullying to. Every day they would jumpme after. school.and nobody really helped cuz they thought I was weird. When I tried out for sports.the couches wouldn't even let me play. So I thought to myself that I don't care what they think ans do it anyway. He still never let me play and from then on I told myself I was never gonna let anybody tell me I can't do something. And now I cage fight with a record of 6 and 3
michealfields michealfields
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Good for you, Live your life. :)