Heres A List

I dont like it just wat the group says, .Sterotypes suck...there are loads  ALL of these which are so UNTRUE so dont go biting my head off if you get offended i put them out there there are a few big ones so..add more if you want those were just some  that ive been hearing 

Hispanic Sterotypes

All hispanic people are Illegal Imiggrants, wetbacks(ignorance is you believe that)

have too many kids, love spicy food,

dangerous gane members

Theives, nosy, they are lazy


African American Sterotypes

The stereotypes about most loud and rude black girls are ignorant


Black people love chicken and kool-aide

Most black people are in jail

There stupid, ignorant,loud, rude, and live in the ghetto

Bad attitudes, disrespectful, hoodlums, speak poor english,

Are in gangs and everyone has a gun

 Every black person plays the race card(ignorance)

All black people are on welfare

All black women have three children by three different guys

All black guys have BIG you know-wats

Black people are never on time

Black guys should either play basketball or football

If your light-skinned your prettier then the dark-skinned people


Asian Sterotypes

All Asians Love rice, and they cant drive

All asians are super smart, and have high IQ's

Chinese eat cats

Koreans eat dogs


Causcasion Sterotypes

White people cant dance, and has bad music

Trailer trash, Rednecks, drinks alot of beer, they are all inbred

Majority has eating disorders, likes to have a sense of power

Every white person is rascist(ignorance), Cant discipline their kids, suicidal

Impatient, rude, very proper, serious

Rich with big houses

Are scared of black people

All white males are pedophiles(ignorance)


Other Ethnics Sterotypes

All Arabs are terrorist

All Native American do nothing but drink

All Indians came here for is to drive cabs

All Italians are in the mob.

All Irishman do is drink and beat their wives Jews are cheap and unscrupulous

Greeks are clannish

Russians are dishonest & sleazy

Germans are perfectionists

The French think they're the center of the universe

The English have bad teeth

Indians only major in computer science or medicine

The birtish only drink tea

All Americans are fat and lazy

Woman love to nag

Gay men are feminine while lesbian women are masculine


Haha i started asking people and looking online for these, spend almost 45 minutes looking, feel free to add anymore. I dont believe any of this but its what our society thinks, a whole llotta ignorance




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I fall in lesbian part

Yea i have a story on that too lol