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why do others judge people?

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I believe there is a difference between Judging a person and evaluating a persons actions or values. A persons actions usually reflect their perspective. Therefore since ones perspective can change. than so can ones behavior. Judgement implys finality. To make a judgement is to create an unchangable evaluation. A final perspective. So if a person told a lie he would be defined as a liar rather than just having told a lie. I make value judgements all the time but it would be wrong of me to judge an individual. I could say he told a lie but never that he was a liar. That would imply that they were incapable of change. For me to do that I would need to be know the future, so I would in essense be claiming to be God.<br />
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Many attempt to use a semantic trick in order to avoid personal accountability. They try to equate being Judgemental to simply evaluating a persons behavior. Don't buy into that BS. To deny an individual the right to evaluate behavior would also entail taking away a persons right to their own sense of what is right and wrong. Personal values would then cease to exist and legitimize anti-social behavior. Gee that sounds familier.

I don't know why most people judge other people, you say judgment because of impression? That's not really so much judgment, it all depends on how a person is treating that other person for one, but two, i mean theres that kind of judgment if you like to call it that, and then there's the kind where a person doesn't even open their to speak and they are judged, that's major judgment. I have had this several times in the past, so it obviously has something to do with the I look, but, the thing is what someone looks like and who they actually are, are very often not going hand in hand with what people are saying in their judgments. I don't reckon anybody should have the right to judge anybody else seeing as is nobody is actually perfect on this planet, and really I can only gather that people want to judge others because either they reckon they are more superior to that other person, or because they just know no better than to look down on other people that they don't even know, and that is rather sad. In alienating people like that through doing things like that, you miss out on so many great opportunities yourself, as well as that persons not being so great. I think it is far better to be productive than destructive, and construtive rather than destructive, especially when there is so much destruction already going on in the world, why add to it??

I think this world and society would be a much better place if their is less fierce competition, greed, power trips, judging, etc. <br />
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If I come across a Mr or Mrs Know it all, I would ask a very difficult computer technology question to prove no one knows everything.

Everyone judges to some extent. No one is exempt from that as it is human nature. It's one thing to think something about someone with a fixed opinion never to give them a second chance. To me that is serious judgemental behavior. I have a friend who judges me by saying I judge, but I forgive and forget, herself included, as she has many faults and I don't condemn her for it. All my life I have kept giving people the benefit of the doubt THROUGH sometimes I need to do some "judging" to avoid getting burnt which has happened too often to me in my life. I think actually my friend is in reality actually judging me for saying that I judge. It's a catch 22.

Thanks mangro for your comment i asked this question awhile ago and now can see why others judge a message inside of me lol! have a beauiful day!!

Thanks mangro for your comment i asked this question awhile ago and now can see why others judge a message inside of me lol! have a beauiful day!!

It is normal, natural, and HUMAN to judge or at least create an impression of someone. It has a survival value in fact but sadly, it is often used to look down on people just for them to feel better about themselves. Now, the quality of one's judgment should be in alignment with how he judge his self.

You are right kit ! Thanks for never judging me! You are a kind and caring friend ! TY :-)

lol Love you too Jess,

Because they like the attention on others rather than themselves.