My Co-worker

OMG sometimes she knows it all, I am in hell most of the time they can be real nice peeps, but they know to much and they don't listen, I feel like a man without a country!!!!!! I told the truth and tried to help someone, I am not staff anymore I am management or part of it, however i don't feel part of anything. I wish she had listen to me we did not have to have a staff meeting, in the end everyone is angry with me and think that the meeting was called because of me, because of my insecurities that is not why we had that meeting, however I can't say oh well the director told me that we need to have the meeting because she wants to check in with others and make sure that we are all on the same page and that she wants to clear the air, that didn't happen all that happen was that I was thrown under the F..... bus.

verymadather verymadather
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Wow That's there problem and It really stinks she threw you under the bus ! Right on for being honest and truthful, We reap what we sow and karma's out there. She will one day come to grips for the pain she caused. Let it go let GOD !! Peace "n" Love, Corrina* HUGZ )