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I really cracked myself up with that ......................I agree, and believe I should expand my vocabulary.  I really DO try.  I use the thesaurus when I'm writing poetry to find a better word than the one I intended to use.  However when speaking with people it is frustrating for me to find people who use words they don't fully understand.  Everyone wants to appear smarter than they really are.  I believe its instinctual.  Its okay to "fake it til you make it" but in the meantime one should actually take the time to learn and grow in their vocabulary.  RIF....reading is fundamental.

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hahahahahahahah<br />
thats my point Oceanic....I love my freakin' thesaurus.....and I think that you are quite intelligent because you had useeeeded all dem big ol wuords in smart people sintenzes....ahhahahahahahahahahahah most importantly they were not used out of context. I love learning new words.

Why do you conceive that just because I am terminology-smart, that I use commodious words just to make you feel doltish? <br />
Ok...that i was kidding about...i had to look up those words in a thesaurus...haha..<br />
Im SMART!! hehe

fancy bull crap... lol

wasn't it funny. They somewhat make sense but its really just a bunch of bull crap.

I think you gotta fake it til you make it... cause if you dont ... does that mean you just made it??? lol... if you dont have something to look forward to... why try and learn the words... I just killed myself when i so called try to read it... then i just said...hmmm let me read it... lol

Can we use large words if we simply enjoy it?