Bang! Bang! Bang!! --- Again???????

Early on Saturday morning past, i was yet awakened early in the morning by a loud knocking at the door.  I called around and asked if any folks i knew were at my door and they all answered no.  Whoever it was, must have thought i was gonna answer, but i guess their hopes and dreams were shattered.  I do not open my door to uninvited folks.  Safety is a must.

I finally get up, showered, and got dressed only to leave my home to see a note placed on my door.  They were looking for some criminal who hadn't lived in my apartment for 4 years at least now.  With all that surveillance equipment they have, you would think they would keep better tabs on parolees. 

Again, they came by looking for the wrong person.  At least this time no one called and they got lost like the last time they woke me the **** up. 

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Jan 25, 2010