Corrupt Judiciary

A few years ago whilst driving to my place of work I was road raged by a young lad because I had hooted him for overtaking me in a 30mph zone. He would stop abruptly causing me to brake sharply, he did this about six times, on the sixth I didn't stop in time and bumped into him. He raced off and I thought that would be the last I saw of him. As I was at my destination I parked up and immediately phoned the police telling them about the accident and gave them his registration no.

Two policemen turned up ten minutes later and arrested me on a charge of malicious damage? I was taken to a nearby town and thrown in a cell. It was an hour before anyone came to take a statement from me, and then I was put back into the cell. I had my fingerprints and DNA taken which they threatened to take by force if I didn't comply, I was quite scared. I was eventually released on bail - one of the policemen said to me as I was being shown out: "You will need a good lawyer to get out of this one. Six months later I had to attend court they had changed the offence and now I was being tried for road rage. In the court were three magistrates, The guy who should have been on trial with his Solicitor (for the police), me and my Solicitor, and of course the press, The guy was asked a few questions by his solicitor, my solicitor was told she couldn’t question him as he wasn’t the one on trial. He was then sent home. I was then put through an ordeal of questions and accusations by his solicitor who accused me of just about everything. My solicitor had no one to talk to. I was found guilty of dangerous driving - a criminal offence, which I will have to carry the rest of my life, not to mention the increase in my car insurance.

In the summing up I was told that prison was very much on the cards, but that I wouldn’t know until they re-convened. This was put off three times but eventually after several months waiting and worrying I was given 250 hours community service, £300 fine and banned from driving for a year with a retest before I could drive again. They were using me as a case to discourage road rage apparently - even though I was the innocent party. As you can imagine the press had a field day. I found out afterwards that the young b…..d was related to a high ranking policeman and the statement they read out in court wasn’t the one he had originally made. People say I should forgive and forget but why should I be the scapegoat? I just don’t trust them anymore. Perhaps we aught to get rid of all officialdom in this country – the corruption seems to go right to the top with MPs fraudulent ways. It’s at times like this when I dream of being the Count of Monte Christi and getting my revenge.

Bowman2 Bowman2
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What happened to you is disgraceful, Bowman, and it doesn't surprise me in the least that you live in the UK. It's not what you know, it's who you know that counts these days and the real criminals are aware of this. The British police these days are only interested in filling their quota of arrests, so they pick the easy targets...people who will give them the least amount of hassle and who have often never been in trouble with the law before. Let's also not forget the obsession with building up the national DNA database, which is already the largest in the world...Isn't it great living in what's almost a police state?

I feel so happy to get that off my chest. Perhaps I may have felt even better if I'd named names.