That's Right.

Sure, I have smoked a few times in the past. Never really cared for it. I've known quite a few people who swear by it and smoke every day. I can say for the most part, every experience I have had around pot, has been a bad one. I think I'll just avoid the stuff.

Skunktails Skunktails
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7 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Oh, I get that a lot. Nope. I'm skunk for a whole other reason.

So you called yourself Skunktails??? LOL :P I always thought you were a serious cannabis enthusiast!!!

I'm glad to hear you guys are with me on this. I seriously thought I would be flogged and shunned for saying anything after having read similar stories in other peoples groups.<br />
They were not treated so kindly.

Hehe. I can admit I have done a few other drugs in my life, salvia and acid.. I actually rather enjoyed the two of them.<br />
Ever since I became a father though, I refuse to even be around anywhere pot or anythign else is being used. My kids are just far to important to take the risk.

I am alergic to it!

It makes me paranoid and want to hide in a corner. I can't handle it... I'll just have a cold beer :-)

It's appeal escapes me completely. The one time I smoked it, it made me feel lightheaded and slightly nauseous. I don't like smoking anyway.