Public restrooms gross me out. I don't use them unless I absolutely have to. When I do use the toilets, I always make sure there's some toilet paper on the seat before seating down. I always try to go before going to school but...well school is long you know? I can't say much about the guys restroom but ours is clean most of the time (thank goodness). I cannot believe some people do not wash their hands after using a public toilet, it's disgustinnnng.
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Probably just be better to do it in your panties pee or poop least then you have no worrys with public dirty toilets

Bublic toilettes are usualy not cleen as you say. So, many peoples pee anywhere without caring on. Why not do the same and pee standing up

Well, it is a public bathroom after all, and there is something who cleans it up at the end of the day. That's why it's messy like that, but good for you. :P The guy's bathroom at my school is usually messy.

I guess I should be grateful it is clean most of the time...but I still dont like it.
I've heard horrible stories about you guys finding...err...leftovers in there. o.o;

Yeah, you should, and ok then. Yeah, I've heard stories about that as well, but I don't leave stuff in there. o.O

c: i hope not haha..
i feel sorry for the janitors :[

I don't :) Haha, and yeah :( Well, say thank you to one of them then.

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