Religion, and Why I Am 100% Against It.

I honestly don't like religion.

We are all made to believe that our god is the greatest and as long as we have him nothing can go wrong. I'm sorry, but bull sh_t.

If religion is such a wonderful thing, then why does it always rip families apart. Not only families, but our society in general. Religion is why we don't have peace in the first place because the bible says a whole bunch of things that we HAVE to believe. Perfect example. Everyone always says. It's Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve. There's nothing wrong with homosexuality. If the bible didn't go against it, our sexual preferences wouldn't be such a huge issue.

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The issue with homosexuality in religion is easy to understand.

A religion that encouraged homosexual relationships over straight ones would die out in little time. What happens is the indoctrination of children, when their minds are easily influenced and misled, is a vital aspect of all religions compared to conversion. As indoctrination is so vital, couples must have children, lots of children so the organization can grow in power, influence and wealth.

"God" creates the universe from nothing, but needs one of Adams ribs to make Eve?<br />
I would like an explanation for this.

I think the title of this group is a massive understatement because I don't just dislike religion, I hate it with all of my being and want so badly for the sick, twisted religions that are loaded with so many contradictions that they can't be depended on to just die. In my opinion, the religions I hate the most, of all would have to Jeudaism, Christianity, and Islam. I have no problem with the believers, but I feel so horrible knowing that the believers of these three religions are brainwashed into thinking that their cruel gods who make Hitler seem like a good guy, actually love them.<br />
<br />
There might be some religions that I am ok with, so I don't totally hate all religions. I just hate certain ones.

i like how all 3 commentators have utterly confused religion with faith/spirituality.<br />
religion is bullshit, and highly dangerous bullshit indeed.<br />
faith is cool, spirituality is even cooler, but religion encompasses dogma and acceptance of another person's belief as fact.

Dear Fresh Frika!<br />
I agree with you that Religion is not good. The Apostle Paul recommends his seekers to be aware of such teachings. Religion is the cause why the body of Christ is divided. Religionists use religion as a way to gain profit, use their own rules to break down families as you said. If you realize that the body of Christ is the church, but sadly and even the Lord is sad to see His body in such a condition. It is like seeing your hand dismantled from your body or seeing your body without ahead. If you read Galatians with a vision from the Lord you will see that we as human being we just need to enjoy the Lord as our (Col 3:4) life. Moreover as we enjoy God as our personal life, we will gradually be transformed (Romans 12:2). we will say "truly Christ is growing in me. (Gen 1:26) God purposefully made us to express Him, although He is forcing no one to come to Him but he desires that every man will have this life. my experience today is enjoying the Lord in such a sweet way, He is my everything, He is even my entertainment. How sweet!! I dont need religion, I need Christ as the all inclusive spirit. think of it

I can see where you're coming from. I believed something like this too, up until a year ago. A few people came into my life and taught me alot about religion that I had been ignorant towards before.<br />
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Now I know that the conflict and consequences of religous combating are often the personalities of the people and not the religion itself. That's why there's the bombers and the 'christains' people find themself hating. Without understanding that the bible really tells people to stop this behavior (over and over and over)(seriously), how to live to avoid that drama and conflict by love instead of hate and arrogance, if you hadn't read that, you'd be attacking whoever acted in a way you didn't like in the name of religion. not religion itself. Just look a little deeper, you'll see.

Just because there are people who misuse their religion and kill people and deny rights does not mean that religion itself is bad. <br />
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Religion itself (Not counting the taliban or people who blow up abortion clinics) can actually relieve stress and has been shown to make people live longer. Its not the religions, its the beliefs.