Man Left Sweat On Telephone Speaker After He Finished Talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no i dont
once i was inside a mental hospital and this man patient was talking on the telephone for quite a long while he sounded like he was mumbling to me and he must have had his lips pressed so closely to the telephone speaker a old fashioned one not one of those new ones this was a pay phone you had to put coins in i was waiting to talk to my mum and after he had finished talking which was a long while i went to the phone and picked it up and there was beads of saliva or sweat left on the telephone speaker and it smelt!!!!!!!!!!!! it nearly made me sick i had to wipe it of it was so horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i rang my mum up and the telephone speaker really smelt i will never forget that so i dont like it sorry  honestly noone would like it if they saw it and smelt it   sorry :(
twinky twinky
May 10, 2012