No Way

Ok, here's how bad I am about this: my girlfriend surprised me with the heart necklace you see in my picture, and I was hesitant to tell my mother about it because I knew she would love it and I felt bad that she wouldn't have one too.

I have no idea why I'm like that, but it's been that way since I was a kid. I used to save my birthday money all year so I could buy my mom and brother birthday presents. ln junior high, if I was a team leader, I always picked the kids that no one else wanted, just so they wouldn't be standing there awkwardly after all the "good" athletes had been chosen. Even recently at my last job, I always jumped to assist the clients that I knew no one else would want to assist- like the ones who had speech problems or couldn't read.

I guess I'm just always for the underdog and I like things to be equal. lol

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Good for you! The world needs more like you!

Yeah, I would have kicked some A_S_S for you, hippie.

^ Same here!

That's an excellent way to be, and I tend to be the same usually, although not with my family. If I see someone being picked on, I will get protective, even if I don't know them :)<br />
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