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..while driving on the interstate, I saw a dog laying dead on side of the road and it was a bit heart aching to see. It made me wonder about our place in the world and how we live in it. Everyday we consume more and more, and demand more  products that are detrimental to life on this planet (ours as well as others), such as plastics. I admit that I consume just as much as the next person. I can't imagine living a life without plastics, cars, etc. I just feel guilty that the animals are dying because of things that  make our lives more convenient, "livable", and/or pleasurable. I wonder how much mother nature is suffering because of us? And what would be the karmic payback for all of it?

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I always laugh when I hear people talking about how much we are "hurting the Earth."<br />
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The truth is, if we were actually doing any damage to the planet, we'd all be dead by now. Every. Single. One of us. Supervolcanoes all over the globe would erupt, the sea would start spewing poison gas, and the magnetic field that shields us from horribly destructive cosmic rays would go down for a few centuries.<br />
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Take that giant island of garbage floating about in the south Pacific, for example. You think Nature hates that? Hell no! Nature loves life, and that place is positively teeming with the stuff; microbes and parasites and insects, and even some new kinds of fish that thrive in that environment. Sure, it'll take a couple of millennia to biodegrade, but what is that to a being with a lifespan measuring billions of years? About a fraction of a picosecond, that's what.<br />
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Oh, and in the interest of staying on-topic, I don't weep for animals I see dead by the side of the road. They should have been quicker. Nature is harsh, and that's just one way to ensure that only those who are fast, strong, and above all, adaptable survive to pass on those traits. Humanity is part of Nature, too - our concrete, our asphalt, our plastic, our toxic waste, everything. It's sad to see people who just can't deal with that.

Years ago, Wildlife was plentiful and then all of a sudden we didn't have as much wild life but, it has come back much more than we use to have. But every time there is a new housing development built then that pushes the wild life out and thats why we see more dead wildlife on the highway. When it's time for them to breed their on the run more and try to cross the road at night, they're blinded by our car lights, it's just the way it is. I don't like to see it either but if people would pay attention they can avoid hitting them sometimes, I've heard of people that will go out of their way to purposely hit a animal. But by trying to avoid them you can have an accident and endanger you and your passengers.<br />
If people would take care of their pets there wouldn't be as many on the highway either. Most of my pets died of old age, I only had one pet that got hit out in the street and it was accidental, I wasn't at home I was at work and my x husband let our dog out while he raked the yard and he got hit.<br />
If people would spay or neuter their pets there wouldn't be as many unwanted pets in the world <br />
I heard of a woman that had a puppy mill. She had starving dogs in cages and had 40 dead dogs in her deep freezer. They said that these dogs probably died a long painful death because they probably starved to death.<br />
Also there's survival of the fittest. The old and the weak of all species is weeded out and it is for the good of the whole. We're all part of the food chain. We're suppose to be higher on the food chain and so we survive and the animals suffer, it's our way of life. We're born and we die. <br />
It's always sad to see the young die, because they didn't have a chance to live life to it's fullest. And we like to think we serve a purpose here on earth while we are here, The truth is that the purpose for most small animals is to be dinner for larger animals, buzzards have to eat also. LOL!!!!

Thank you Carrie and Tekkamaki. I agree with both of your points completely

When I was a child I always cried when I saw an animal or a bird that was killed by cars. It still hurts my heart when I see poor dead animals on the road. But it happens in the water too. People pollute rivers, seas and oceans and poor sea creatures die. Even such clever animals like dolphins are hurt by the screw propeller of ships. When a person is in danger, dolphins always try to help him but when the dolphin is hurt, nobody hastens to its help. Poor dead dolphin only floats on the surface of the water showing us its feebleness. <br />
You are right, Tummie, to create this group and pay our attention at this problem.

I can't take it when I see that. Sometimes I feel like I want to stop and cry. It might have been someone's lost dog. We have deer too and I am always so cautious driving around the area. I've also gotten sad about the armadillos. They are mean little things when I'm out for a walk getting the mail but I still feel bad. I had this old habit as a kid of doing the sign of the cross and hoping their little souls go to heaven. I stopped doing it years ago but started again. <br />
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I think the karma is that we have so much added stress with convenience. Being plugged in and doing things the easy way makes us less able to survive when something small happens like the lights go out or we need to open a can. LOL, reminds me of an episode of futurama where Fry was boasting that in his time they had can openers but he couldn't use it so he threw the can and started crying...then Zoidberg chopped it open and said, "YAY! I'M USEFUL!"