Black Earthquake

The death of a young person is like a black earthquake that rumbles silently through the community. The news impacts and lingers, jarring and unsettling, touching lives far removed from the soul who's life is lost. This past weekend, a classmate of my brothers, hung himself. He was an honor student from an intact home with two younger sisters and a younger brother. He was headed to college next September. I never met him, but I grieve for his loss. He was buried this morning.

Not everyone in the community will hear the news, but everyone who does will pause. The news will haunt, and linger, and trouble. I hope his family somehow comes to know the depth of sympathy their loss has on their neighbors. Most people will go about their business, shaking off the darkness, never expressing their sympathy to the family. But, the sympathy is there. It should be expressed.  I will shake this off, too. It's not the first teen suicide in this community,nor unfortunately, will it be the last. But, for a moment I will hold the memory of this lost soul in my heart and pray for his family.
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Bless you for keeping that young mans' family in your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and responding.

I don't understand it. I've never been depressed. Sad, yes, but never depressed. I've never been without hope that things will get better, turn out all right, etc. I've been anxious about the future. Going to college and being on my own and away from the watchful eyes of my family was scary, but it was exciting, too. It was time to be away from my parents. This young man had it all. Well off parents, two parent home, honor roll. I don't get it.<br />
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(Thanks, Almost, I look forward to your comments. I did comment on a couple of your stories.)

I will pray for his family also. As suicide survivors, they have a long and difficult road ahead of them. I too grieve for their loss.