Never Experienced It...don't Know If I Will...probably Don't Care O_o!

I've never had sex at all, but in my head, I'm not such a virgin. I do think about it a lot, but I am never interested in it physically. I don't understand sex. I don't understand how touching someone or being touched in that way just really sets you off into moaning, having your toes curl up and your eyes rolling in the back of your head. I can ONLY imagine how it must feel to have your body against someone very attractive and feel that chemistry bubble up so high that you can barely maintain yourself. I will be honest; the human body is a gorgeous and an exciting thing to explore and touch. I can totally understand why people go to night clubs and adult settings to let their eyes have a feast. But there is still that misunderstanding that I am going through, especially when you see such intensity in movies or just hearing stories of it.

I am uncomfortable with the idea of me engaging in it. I don't think I could ever be sexy, if that makes sense. I can't imagine moaning or embracing in the activity. Or having his hands touch me in places that are very sensitive. How is thatĀ supposedĀ to feel good? I'd probably go into shock.

There have been some perverted males I have ran into as a younger girl while in Middle and High School and maybe that's one of the reasons why I just don't like to be touched. I'm not saying I'm afraid of touching. I can handle hugs and greetings and playfulness. But if it's a stranger I grow tense. I notice when a stranger tries to talk to me and I notice he's very touchy, even by just touching my arms or back, I do feel very alert becuase in my head I'm thinking they only want one thing. And is it really appropriate to be touching someone you really don't know?

If I ever do meet someone who sweeps me off my feet, and we end up loving each other in ways we could never imagine, I truly hope that I can embrace it with love and interest and I hope my ignorance disappears by then.
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That's perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable when strangers touch you. I have this issues too, I know some people I know but not close to, they are males and they like to hug me. This is probably just a friendly gesture to them, but definitely I am not comfortable with hugs unless I am close to them. So I told them that I am not comfortable with it.
Anyway, I don't know if you feeling like you will never be sexy, means that you have low self-esteem. If you feel pretty and think good of yourself, then maybe you have just not grown your sexuality, which is fine. Everyone has their own pace and it will come to you when the time is right.
I definitely think people moan during foreplay is more to the fact that they know it will go further than that. The touching definitely makes you restless, but for people who has experienced ******, they know that this restlessness will become pleasure.
I don't think you should worry about anything. When the guy you are attracted to comes along, you will be surprised how comfortable you are physically with him! Human body is weird, but definitely it gives you different reaction towards someone you like or dislike.

VERY encouraging words. I really like this. :D