My Take On the Subject



Nobody is an object! Everyone is a human being, an individual deserving of respect.

No human being wants to be treated like a thing, an object, inanimate and without life or feelings.


Personally, i choose larger/slightly baggy clothes to hide my body but remain professional and neat looking, not provocative or revealing. i do this because i do not want attention drawn to myself. Appearance matters, we're all judged by it, so i use this to my advantage as often as possible especially in my work-a-day world. i think you can be attractive, physically attractive, without being sexual in any way.

This is not so for everyone, being the individuals they are. Than again, certain styles are considered trendy, so people buy them. Some want to look sexy and provocative, ah sex appeal. Society tends to put it in or face, or should i say advertisers and it is never questioned and so the public follows along. Plus, some men think with something other than their brain.


i don't like sexual objectification and i don't want to be objectified as a sex object. i happen to think that there is a lot more involved in a healthy relationship than sex appeal.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
Feb 13, 2009