A Good Night Sleep After All

I slept solidly after getting off EP and until 9 this morning. Usually husband wakes me just when he touches me or when he gets up to pee. I am a light sleeper, I guess most moms of little ones are. Anyway, I loved having the fan on full blast and not feeling guilt knowing it bothers husband, I loved having my big body pillow right smack dab in the middle of the bed, with my legs sprawled all over the place, and I loved not waking up. not even once. I feel refreshed and energized. My little boy who wanted to sleep with dad is cheery today because he is feeling loved. The only one not feeling so great is husband, as it turns out, he'd much rather be in bed w/ me than on the floor pallet w/ our boys. I've slept alone a lot in 15 years of marriage, he's a marine and has been off to war multiple times for anywhere from 8 months, to 14 months. Sleeping alone doesn't bother me IF he's not even here. But when he is here, i want him w/ me. Even though i wake up, get hot (his body heat is crazy!) and don't get to stretch out. I'd rather have him in the bed and not rest well, than to have him out of the bed, and sleep like a zombie. 

paigewhitley777 paigewhitley777
36-40, F
May 15, 2010