Sleeping With Arms Around You.

Me and my only friend, bestfriend, Harrison, sleep together. We see each other practically when we wake up, 'till we go to sleep. We have sleepover's all the time. Whenever we do, we sleep together. Well, more like I'll fall asleep on the couch with him and we would wake up on his bed, floor, ect. But still, were sleeping together, hands holding, interlocked, my head on his chest, or shouler and his arms or arm, wrapped around my body, holding me protectively. Sometime's, in my house or in hisbefore we go to sleep we just sleep together. Supposedly like " couples ". In his house, we would take a shower. Oh, also, we take showers together. Before it was naked, until age 11, so now we still do but I wear a bathing suit so does he. So yeah, anyhoo, we would then change, he would lay on his bed, then I lay next to him, then put my head on his chest, and he starts playing with my hair and we start talking, or reading, or watching movies on his T.V. and then we will end up falling asleep. But in my house its different we go to our favorite place in the house. Well, actually its like a minature house for me to watch movies in and such. So we go there. He has one too but we like his room better. Anyhoo, So I sit down on the couch and he sits down next tom me. Then I put my head on his lap and he starts tickling my neck, then I end up tickling him and then I sit up and he puts his head on my lap, and * heres a weird thing about his hair, if your really, and I mean REALLY, close to him, you could see little curls * I start playing with his hair, playing with those tiny little curls. Then, when we end up falling asleep, if were too lazy to go to the little bedroom, we stay there and I lay on one side, him on the other and our feet touching the whole time, or were tickling each others feet. But, sometimes when he starting to get sleepy I kiss him goodnight on his forehead or cheek. Then, if I lay my head on his lap and shoulder he kisses me on the nose and forehead. That happening practically right now, ecept there is a laptop on my thinghs and he just sitting there playing with my hair. But he starting to tickle me so bye guys.

P.S. my profile picture for this, is when me and him were about 7, in a restuarant, and yes we are holding hands.
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And I dont know why he was looking at me like that, we were bestfriends since forever so ......