Desperately Seeking the Sand Man....

I hate it when other people say that you shouldn't "NEED" your partner in your relationship. The best thing for me is snuggling up in bed together, both naked and having skin against skin. I love that he sometimes rubs my back before I fall asleep and I love to smell his smell and see and hear his chest rise and fall in his sleep.

These moments in my opinion are priceless. On the other hand, I hate Saturday nights. It is Saturday night now. One reason why I am here, writing this story instead of cuddling up in bed and watching TV with him. My other half is working in his taxi all night so I will have to sleep alone. For me the bed will feel as cold and empty as it does every Saturday and I will not sleep as soundly as I do when my hubby is there beside me. If this means that I "NEED" my Hubby then I am unashamed to admit that it is true. I do.

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Ci sono anch'io!!!

I would be packing my bags now if I thought it would be easy to "pick myself up and dust myself down" if God forbid, anything happened to end our Marriage. <br />
I stood in Church and pledged that I would "Love, Honor and Obey him till death do us part" On that day, I meant everything I said and still do. I realise I am incredibly lucky to have what I have as for some, they spend a life time trying to find that. Now I've had a taste of what it really means to love, it would be unimaginably horrible to have to loose it. J is my solemate so yeah, I guess I really do "need" him, if only so I can get a decent nights sleep, lol.

Actually, I think I would be broken without him and sleep would be a low priority....