What Is An Actual Snob?

Are they a person that looks down their proverbial nose at another human being for some reason that does not meet their merit?
Surely... only a real snob can answer that.

Enjoy thy snob, for another snob shall one day look down on you with judgement.

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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Everyone is a snob about something. For some, snobbery manifests itself in coffee. These people bypass the chains for the organic/shade-grown/bird-friendly roaster down the block. Movie snobs eschew blockbusters for films with subtitles and female leads who don’t shave their underarms. But let’s set aside the rather vulgar term “snob,” with its negative connotations. Regardless of the object of your discernment, the common theme among us is an appreciation for the essence of something, for its purity of spirit and its respect for traditions.
I have, shall we say, rather discerning opinions about...well i will just leave it up to your imagination.

Insensitive to snob 's criticism

Ha ha, yeh enjoy the snob. Aren't people like that just horrid?

ha ha...yes, they certainly are.

I hate those shop assistants that look down on you without even knowing you. I liked it when in Absolutely Fabulous, Adina says your only a shop assistant get over yourself....so so true.