She's A Whiner, Complainer...

As a teacher, you need to work closely with your team. Unfortunately, one of the teachers on my team, I cannot stand. I don't hate her, she just annoys the living hell out of me. I'm a doer. I see an issue and I think about how to solve it. She is a complainer. She sees a problem and will continue to whine and complain about it all the time. She's not open to new ideas and teaching strategies. She's old school and feels that whatever she's been using for the past years is good enough and she doesn't need to change anything.  When we try to share new ideas with her she claims that we are "showing" off...WTH? That we are competitive and want to outshine her. OH, and she's always the one who is sick. If one of us has a headache, she's got a worse headache. When she has the flu, she has it worse than anyone else, but won't take the time off because she's dedicated to her team...we would love to have her off the team. Our administration sees the same thing, but won't move her, as she would just be a headache on someone elses team. Thanks for letting me vent.

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36-40, F
Mar 7, 2010