Profanity Vs. Vulgarity and the Poets of the Days of Old

vulgarity and profanity are two different things. 

i cuss.  i don't know many adults who don't.  very few in fact. 

but i don't believe vulgarity is necessary.  there are other words one could utilize to get the point across and it makes the song that much deeper and that much more interesting.  vulgarity is innapropriate in my humble opinion. 

vulgarity is simply not necessary.  back in the good ole days writers were able to say vulgar things but they did it with finesse, eloquence and it was poetic and witty.  lyrics that make me think and a catchy beat are the two key factors for me when it comes to music.

as for the profanity in today's music ... i'm on the fence.  sometimes there is no other way to emphasize your point other than to add an explitive.  however, i believe there's a moral line there.  with that said, my moral line is not the same as the next person's.  so while i might like a song, another person might be highly offended by it or vice versa.  thankfully i don't get offended too easily.

when a writer goes overboard with profanity and vulgarity and their market is comprised of youth as a majority, i believe it to be simple mindless filler with no true meaning or significant purpose other than to get the childrens attention and sell their products.  overboard profanity and vulgarity used as lyrics only serves the purpose of showing the true intellectual deficiency of the author/writer ... in my humble opinion.

however, some of my favorite songs have profane and vulgar lyrics.  i feel like such a hypocrite.

my point here is that i believe when you're under 18 your music shouldn't be violent, extremely profane or vulgar.  it gives children a false sense of what life is and what it's about.  as an adult, having already experienced some of life, you aren't so easily misguided ... at least i hope not.  hehe

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i appreciate your humble opinion, emerald. thank you!

You make very good points in your statements... in my humble opinion! lol