How Articulate Are You?

Profanity is a turn-off. People who use it must not be very articulate.
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4 Responses Oct 8, 2006

On the contrary; putting them off as necessarily a demonstration of a one's poor linguistic or communicative abilities actually gives me the impression of hypocricy.<br />
Any given word carries its own subtleties of connotation, phonetic characteristics, meaning, and use.<br />
It's only when such words are used improperly that any implications of the user's abilities are to be derived; but the same applies to ANY phrase or term or word or whatever there may be.

I've known more articulate potty mouths than I care to count.

I think profanity are words as any others. One can be articulate, and use the word "****". It makes no difference. Swearing or not, words to me are just words. They are used to symbolize ideas.<br />
<br />
And sometimes people's ideas are "****" and what's the best word to convey that?

Dammit, you couldn't be more correct!