W hen I was pregnant I would get really thursty in the middle of the night. So I would keep a cup of something to drink on the window ledge above my bed.


One morning I woke up and as usual reached up for my cup and took a big gulp of my fruit punch. Right before I swallowed I felt something floating around in my mouth. Grabbed the cup and spit out what I had drank.

I was afraid to look at first so I just set it back on the window sill. After gaining my composure I picked up the cup and looked in it. To my horror, floating in my punch was a HUGE black spider. I immediately started heaving and it took all I had not to pass out.

Cant even think about this episode without getting the heebee geebees all over again. Totally freaking WRONG!

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5 Responses Jul 7, 2007

omg i hate spider! they always attack me in the bathroom....scary >< makem go away!

EEEeeewww!!! That happened to me once, only it was Orange Crush and a wasp!!! That was no ice cube!! Thankfully it had drowned by that time. :(

Ooo, no good.

I agree!! Fo' sho'

That is so wrong lol so very wrong eeeewwwwwwwwwww