My Dog Eats Spiders

i have a real fear of spiders and have done since childhood when one got caught in my hair and my sister scared me by screaming at me to stay still stay still!...of course this panicked me and i was going nuts as a hunchbacked fat spider dangled from my hair. When i had my son i decided that i was not going to pass my fears on to him. I therefore encouraged him to play in the garden with the insects etc!. One day i went to get in my bath and on the floor was a massive spider, of course i one does. My son came running in and i completely forgot all my teaching and screamed at him 'kill it kill it', seeing my fear my son stamped his foot, the spider being a very clever one, managed to run to the other side of his foot, i screamed again 'kill it kill it', and he dutifully stamped his foot down again...once again missing i was by now totally hysteical, kill it i screamed, and he raised his foot up slowly and as he did it i thought to myself hold on, that spider has avoided death three times in a row it deserves to live so i suddenly screamed STOP, just as my sons foot stamped down on top of the spider. 'Oh' i said rationally now, 'i was going to say let it live' at this my son burst into tears and said 'im never killing another spider again' and to his word he never has. Which is where my dog comes in...i taught her to kill spiders, so when i screamed  she would come running in and look all round the walls and the floor then she would eat  

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6 Responses Mar 16, 2009 live and you learn. xx

lol. yes they are evil. after i punched him in the stomach for teasing me with them, he didn't do it again. i should have punched him sooner!

lol...brothers are quite evil at times....i had two like that ;)

i'm as scared of them as you are. i think my brother teasing me with fake ones got that ball rolling.

lol clear pier you have made me laugh!!!, what a dog. xx

I have that feeling with cockroaches, we get the brown flying ones that grow to like 2 inches plus in length. My husband has always been a little disdainful of my "irrational" fear. he kept saying to me "what happens when we have kids and you see one in the cot, are you just going to let it crawl all over our child? <br />
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Anyway whenever there is one that gets in our house he picks it up with some cardboard and takes it out side. eventually he trained our dog to take them outside and put them on their backs so they can't get up and the birds will get them in the morning. you could tell she didn't like doing it but she'd look at me and just do it. What a good dog.<br />
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Our dog is dead now, and i have no cockroach fighting superhero any more. (he also had her trained to pick up the dirty clothes and put them in the washing basket. When she was a puppy he realised that no amount of telling her off was going to stop her grabbing dirty socks and undies so he just channelled that energy and desire into something useful!)