I don't think the opposite of superficiality is necessarily being "REAL", especially when it comes to people. I think circumstances make all of us who we are and superficiality, just as much as realness, is impossible to quantify when experiences, contexts, and life is forever changing. I occasionally fall into the trap of being superficial. I'm a theoretically independent woman but I still need a hero. I look in the mirror some days and wish I was prettier. I buy things I don't need. I lie about how I'm really doing so people think I have it all together. I can be superficial!!! But is that a bad thing? No. Because if superficiality is always at the bottom of the ladder, then only growth can follow...
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
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Barring fanatical asceticism, what we so abhor, is not superficiality in and of itself at all, but superficiality to the exclusion of all else.

Thanks so much. I really really really needed to hear that today!