If You Suspect That You Have Npd, Does That Mean You Can't Actually Have It?

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so I came across this website TODAY when I was looking for information on narcissistic personality disorder.

and I am Telling You!!!! When people Talk about NPD!!!!!
I TRULY feel like I have found a friend. 

I feel like I'm constantly operating under pretenses or guises, or.... I mean, that sounds so awful!!!! And it's not totally true.  Sometimes, it's not that I'm "lying" or "deceptive" but that.... there is nothing else to do!  I feel like.... I'm in a situation, and the only proper, the only appropriate way to act or conceive of a given situation is in line with certain pre-approved, pre-conceived molds. 

So, the point is, I feel as if I exhibit qualities of someone that has NPD.  I think and rethink through my problems so I can never catch sight of a sure problem.  That's why it's such a CATHARTIC feeling to hear people talk about NPD. 

The question is -----

would someone with NPD think they have it, or admit to it?  I'm horrified of the qualities I exhibit, and I have Never Failed to, at some point, be aware of the most negative ones.  My family and friends --- all would tell you that even IF I do or say bad things ---- I will own up to them.  And in the aftermath, I am afraid of them. 

 I just began seeing a psychologist, but she says I can't have NPD, since I'm so "nice" and "aware" of my social issues.   Can anyone shed some light on this effed up situation?
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I hear you. I was cautioned about personality disorders as they are only part of the picture.<br />
Let me know if you figure your **** out.<br />
Have you looked at personality typing at all. Check similarminds.com. You might find it interesting.