Never Was the Pill-popper!

I don't like taking meds, if I don't have to. For example, I suffer from frequent migraine headaches and I have a prescription for it. I am suppose to take one pill, as soon as the migraine starts, and take another one after six hours... if the first one doesn't work. Most times, I can feel the migraine starting and I'll not take the meds! I try to tough it out or quickly take a nap. Sometimes the nap works or the migraine goes away after a while. But most times, that doesn't work and it gets so bad, that I am puking my guts out! :-/

I know... it would be easier to just take my meds for it, but I hate taking medicine, if I can help it. =p

Another example is, I was on the drug called Lexapro, for depression. I was on it, since late May 2008. It wasn't until the last three weeks of February, that I quit! I felt as though it was time to stop. I don't have depression anymore and taking the pill every day was starting to be annoying to me. Which it wasn't before, it was a real need to take it. And I was right with not taking that one! I have been meds free and still no depression! I'm still my happy self. :-D

Though, this doesn't make my therapist too happy. She keeps asking me, "Still no suicidal thoughts?" And my response, "Nope. Still happy." And then she asks, "Are you sure?" And I say, "Yes, positive." And then she says, "Are you really sure?" And I nod my head. And then she asks again... And I just so badly want to say, "Oh, wait... no.... I do feel something. It's not depression, but I am pissed!" LOL! But, if I said that, she may fall into pieces. So, no... I'll just keep answering her stupid question, over and over again. It seems to make her happy to ask so many times. :-/

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Mar 15, 2009