Talk About What??

They ask me why I don't talk much.  I always reply the same way.

" What am I supposed to talk about??"

I am really awkward if I don't think before I speak, so it is kind of nerve-wracking.  I really don't like long pauses before responses, so I can get very nervous.  Some people have quick responses, but I have to think first.  I am always worrying about sounding stupid.  I like typing to talk, but it's not the same.  Another reason why I don't talk much is because I like to talk about serious things most of the time...  I am not saying that I can't be fun, though.  I like to figure out what a person is really looking for in my response.  They could be ratting me out, but I am not sure what for at the moment.

18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2010


I'm like that too. I find that I often say things which I regret. Talking makes me feel stupid most of the time.