The Flat Has Ears...

Ever since i have had public intreast my life has become a chat show where everyone want to tell me what i can do and what i cant do but at the same time every time i speak the whole place is ears on,and i have become a new faze so nothing i talk about is between me and the person i am talking to all of a sudden i have complete strangers who have the need to be noticed are all up for targeting me because my life seems more intreasting even thou they cant seem to ignore me even thou they hate me,they really think i am botherd what these people think of me now as i now have real Haters wanting me to take notice of them,and i am, minding my own life while they are all in my life,and because i aint doing what i am told they are ready to gang up on me .

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Mar 9, 2010