To Those People...

I hate talking on the phone in general. Especialy to the people who just call to talk but they have nothing to say. I didn't call you for a reason, because I had nothing to say. I hate it when they expect you to keep up the conversation like its not wasting you time because of course you werent busy. What the heck is that about. If someone needs me then call me and tell me then lets hang up. Better yet just text me. If your that important to me then you have my number and can text. Other wise just leave me alone people.
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2010

My boyfriend does that sometimes. He calls & there's really nothing to say, although I guess the "thinking of you" part is sweet. It just sucks because I already don't like talking on the phone (never have anything to say for some odd reason). It makes me feel bad because we can't see eachother every day & I guess it would be good to talk, but I never can... I think I might just try Skyping or Video calling for that...<br />
But yeah, I don't like it when people KNOW I hate talking on the phone but they call me anyway and expect me to carry on a conversation. I'm one of those people that can't carry on a talk without actually being there, and all of my friends know that. I guess they think a miracle will occur and I'll cure their boredom or irritability somehow.

I hate talking on the phone too when the phone rings I make exuses to not have to tALK LIKE IM LAYING DOWN OR ILL RUN TO THE SHOWER TO START TAKING A SHOWER so i dont have to talk.