The Freedom to Lose My Phone

About 3 weeks ago, I lost my phone in a cab on the way home from a night of senseless partying. Since that night, I have made very little effort to replace it in any way. Friends are eager to come to my rescue: "Why?".... "You better get on that.".... "I'll mail you one!"....

It's a strange psychology: on one hand, I am rationalizing that I will "run into" it at some point, even though the smarter side of me knows this coincidence will be next to impossible. Of course secretly, this is a perfect excuse to free myself from that device we call the phone.

The mere possession of a phone has the likeness of captivity for me. During the past weeks w/o the phone, I am overcome with a sense of liberation. I admit there are inconveniences, but the perks of not having a phone are such nourishment for the soul.

One saturday, on the way to the farmers market, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the walk through the flowery neighborhood. A walk! My experience was enhanced because of my state of no-phone. I am convinced of this. I did not anticipate any interruptions, and I had "no choice" but to enjoy the sunny peaceful walk. It was a pure luxury.

Now that I must make a decision, I ask myself:  Am I simply indulging in the novelty? Or have I always desired freedom from my phone?  Why do I need an excuse to be free, anyway?
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1 Response Jul 27, 2007

Props to you for leaving it un-replaced for such a long time. I had the account suspended for one month. The same cousin who physically drove me to the store to sign up for my first phone years ago, also gave me her old one as a replacement. <br />
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I have to confess that I own one today because of other people, not myself. My social life was not dwindling but my "limited" availability endangered my popularity. People were complaining they couldnt find me. Yes I am a slave to popularity. <br />
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Since the replacement, I have learned to turn my phone off completely or leave it at home when I desire some peace and quiet. I guess that is a compromise. So sadly, I caved in. Perhaps one day I will have the courage to stand up to my friends + family and say: "I will not put your convenience before my sanity!"