Ignore It.

I have serious issues with talking on the phone.  I don't know why or where they came from, nobody else in my family is this way.  I would much rather text, IM, or talk in person.  When my phone rings I ignore it.  I have avoided an old high school friend for a year now.  I just don't want to talk on the phone.

My biggest thing is awkward silences.  IDK  I just don't want to get on the phone and have nothing to say, that's so awkward.  My biggest pet peeve is someone putting me on the phone with another person.  Like, if they're on the phone talking to someone and I don't need to talk to that person at all, then they say, "Here, you wanna talk to B?"  Ummm... NO!

There are a select few people that I don't mind talking on the phone to, either because I know they won't keep me, or I know we'll have tons to talk about.  I also ignore voicemails until the very last minute.  I have my phone set up where it doesn't receive incoming calls from someone that isn't in my contacts list, but I can still get messages.  So about once a day I get a message that I don't know who it came from, I have like three in my inbox now.  I'll let it get full and then delete them without listening to them.

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Yeah, I just moved so he doesn't know my current address. Thank God he lives out of state.

Well I just don't feel like getting a new number when I've only had this one a year, so I blocked incoming calls from numbers not in my contacts list, however I still get his stalking messages.

I hate getting voicemails. Whoever had this number before me really forgot to tell everyone they'd changed their number. So I get calls from their doctors and bill collectors and children's schools. It's so damn annoying. But a guy I used to be involved with is stalking me, and I get a pit in my stomach when he calls.