Not Even When I Was One.........

Mahahahaha! Is it just me or do they seem to get sloppier & ruder with every generation? Heehee!
Now, I have met a couple of teenagers that aren't too bad. But they're few & far between. I personally think it's a generation thing. I tend to give a bit of leeway still, mainly because I remember what HELL the teens were & I know that most of them are talkin' trash to look good to their friends. Makes them all look like idiots, but whatever. They'll grow up eventually, Goddess willing that is. ;-]

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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I'm a teenager and I dont like them either...

Said it much better than i could.

you know what i hate- crap like this <br />
<br />
may someone hate you for your age and where you are in life <br />
<br />
brandy 6783- don't you wish all you had to worry about was the little things?<br />
<br />
if you had not gone through all that you have would you not be whinnng over those same little things <br />
<br />
so why begrudge teens the same why begrudge and belittle their lement at those things <br />
<br />
to say nothing of its normal