we are fighting well dissagreeing and have upset each other. she has with drawn and i am trying to love as im in love and feel it. now the main issue is we have fought over me not being spaced over her having soo much to do for her life and achieving as she is getting on and want to achieve so much success. she has put me into a corner where i have to wait for her to achieve the most stressful carreer tproblems and family settlement things, as we both have still got to divorce although its not my priority or for her to do so anyway. she has said she loves me and im in her heart i just have to wait and so. but because of the unsetled dissagreement i am a little impatient or unsure as she has broken up with me in the past 10 months 10 times unexadriated. i always have shown her my well; submission and commitment to love. i would love to be with her. so i have been feeling like ive been put out the door and had to get on with life as is and waiting. my most predominant thought is she says she loves me but 1 month/2 weeks is along time when ive conformed to showing commitment that she needs attention and affection when i have met her ( i had to make time to travel down and see her and made a point that distance was not an issue, wasnt, this was when we met. i used to visit once a week during the week to break the space.) and i have to wait. to me it show lack of interest as i would work around all my responsibilities and consider my love always and the relationship between us. ???? just a small idea of the situation here is the situation up date 18/5/10:

but if you are in love how would i affect the result of her resolvig her issues (and shes shy)? like if you could only see if we were she has got so many issues (doesnt mean i dont love her) now she has to deal with them so she said her priorities is to deal with them first and get rid of them them she will focus on us. she has been withdrawing from the relationship since i have met her with things like it wont work or she doesnt want that (family sort of guy) and i have worked out everything and it s still going. but i have always felt pushed pulled. i am now have been told that she loves me but i have to just sit back and wait till she has resolved them. bare in mind she has pushed me away (the same feeling and intention to withdrawing) as before and there is a separation between us again. you might think well because i am thinking negative so you have the issuetogether (living partnership) i would only be complementing her life. Especially some one who loves her? i am a supportive guy

dameen dameen
36-40, M
May 18, 2010