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He Is Silent..

I'm going through this right now....
He is not talking to me...
Again... I upset him but asking him about his affair ...
but... I'm sad every time thinking about this...
"I've feeling towards her"

catcs catcs 36-40, F 2 Responses Nov 13, 2010

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I know this girl since I fall in love with my boyfriend, my boyfriend introduced me to her... she is my boyfriend's very best friend and they did had feeling towards each other. But somehow they didn't make it.. and this girl got married with her long time boyfriend.<br />
But since early of this year... something had changed and my boyfriend started to go back to her.. and she is now sending all love messages and chatting with my boyfriend almost every day... my boyfriend admitted all this to me...<br />
My boyfriend said he can't control himself but also said he still loves me...<br />
I feel hurt... very very hurt...

Dear..what feelings are you having towards her?....Do you feel for her that she'll be in your shoes one day?...Do you know her personally?