I believe a proper honest conversation can atleast get us to set aside our differences in whatever issue concerning and agree to disagree in a most amicable way. Not talking, doesn't make sense to me. Though i agree we all need our space from time to time. 
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I hope we have more in common :)

wow this story reminds me of mine with the silent treatment thats very interesting to see that we have quite a bit in common!

Yeah, I understand, How difficult it can get. Your silence is more like a way to calm things down, try to discuss it in a complete different way, thats a welcome.<br />
But on the other side, after a heated conversation, people just tend to not address the issue by keeping quiet and after having sufficient time to think, that is what is most frustrating :)

I'm not talking to my partner... because I don't know how to address my concerns in a way that he'll understand. He gets defensive if he doesn't like what he hears.... which involves changing the topic, pointing fingers & in many cases leads to arguments. So rather then sit there & argue... I'd rather sit in silence.... gives me more time to think & sometimes.... it defuses me. So when we do finally talk - it's not a heated discussion which leads to hurt feelings & tears.