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I Think It’s One Of The Worst Feelings A Human Being Is Able To Feel

Maybe some days we really don’t feel like talking to each other. Then it’s better for both of us to be doing our own thing and not bothering about involving the other one. Perhaps it sounds heartless, but even if differences attract, magnets can only be so much the same charge before they start pushing each other away.
There are days I’m dying to talk to them. About anything. School, friends, studies, family, hobbies, animals - plants even – but I want to talk to the. But I know I shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s not the right time (which I never know anyway when is), sometimes I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll say something wrong: something that’ll upset or anger them, so instead, I keep quiet. After all, “we’re not talking”. Perhaps we both wish to talk to each other, but the fear of not knowing how the other feels keeps us away from each other. The uneasiness of Worry convinces us to rather live our separate ways.
There are so many things that can make people not talk: an argument over something simple or something deeply complex, one could have done something to upset and hurt the other, a fiery disagreement, orders from family to stay at a distance, attempts to not fall for the person, dishonesty, disloyalty, mistrust and many more. No matter what keeps two people from talking to each other, it is never a nice feeling. Sometimes during those periods of “We’re not talking,” one needs that person the most. And guess what? They’re not there. Why? All because “we’re not talking.”
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 3 Responses May 30, 2011

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I didn’t know that. It makes sense though. Like, at least just ONE person whom we can open up to and speak to… then again, it’s also giving them the power to misuse and abuse us if we’re not careful.<br />
Ja – there are quite a few people who just can’t shut-up as it’s too natural for them. -_- We do learn a lot by speaking and communicating with people, so I am sure that helps us grow in many ways.<br />
I’ll have to try to find the book and read it…. Well, unless one really doesn’t want to be spoken to. There are some people who have conditions where they just won’t speak to any one… or just a selected few.<br />
*nod-nod* Agreed. Very much agreed.<br />
But sometimes enough is enough. One can’t just decide “Today you’re in my life,” and then “For the next 6 months I’m ignoring you,” then come crawling back, apologizing like a dog with its tail between its legs, only to let once again abandon the friendship and walk away without a word.<br />
Thank you very much. I appreciate your input. I always enjoy hearing (or in this case, reading) other’s points of view.

Floydess, I agree with Kathryn here. Speaking does include listening. Further, few people know that the ancients used to define humans as the beings who have the gift of speech. Our language is so critical to us because we all need to be close to others. Not all others but at least one other person, or a god, that is, someone who is really especially open to us. We all need that.<br />
But when we neither speak nor listen, we block what is so natural, and what is very deeply needed by all of us. We need speech to grow and mature. <br />
Did you know that the Mennonites and many other puritan societies take people they think are condemned to hell and shun them---that means not talk to them! Look at Hester in the book called "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. <br />
Did you ever notice that when prisoners are really bad in most prisons,. they put the prisoners in isolation, depriving them of the ability to speak to others? It is very painful.<br />
When we love someone it is vital to our relationships, I think, to talk. Silence can hurt deeply at times, especially when it suggests that you are not worthy of being spoken to. Ouch!!<br />
That is what I have learned from many different writers who have studied it. It is my opinion that it is true. Please don't take it as the final word but I do hope it helps you grow into the beautiful woman, with a loving partner, that you were meant to be. You are a unique, special, and precious kind of creature---a person! As a person, you are always worthy of being spoken to and listened to in a respectful way. Thank you for being brave enough to come out and ask others for their opinion. You are a very courageous lady. I admire that!

Thanks, Katie616. =) *nod-nod* Listening is just as important as speaking, if not more.