So, most of my friends seem to have done the ALS Ice Bucket challenge by now. In the past day or two, I've seen so many videos of people pouring water on their heads, but how many of those people actually donated to charity? Really, pouring water on your head to "spread awareness" is really more a way to get attention and make yourself feel like you are actually doing something. Now, if you actually gave to charity, good for you, but most people didn't and do the challenge just for fun, and because they got tagged in a Facebook post. Who cares if you dumb water on your head? If you're going to cry for attention, at least donate some money to the charity as well. Instead of joining a fad do something to help.
PatRodgers PatRodgers
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

There are people out there who would love to donate But cannot afford it. And use the challenge to "spread awareness" to other people who may be able to donate.