She Keeps Texting Me...

I am friends with a guy I went to school with - known him for years.  I was best man at his wedding.  The funny thing is we only see each other every year or so.  We only phone each other about twice a year also.  At his wedding I saw his sister that I had not seen in years, I actually never really knew her well as I was not in the same town as her.  However at the wedding we got chatting.  One of the guests saw she liked me so suggested I asked her to dance.  As the gentleman, I did do that, but she declined.  She then adds me on facebook, and we chat every now and then after work online.  The next thing I know she is texting me - not often as I was always working.  Then she finds out I am back in the same town as her and asks to go for a coffee.  I thought it would be nice to do this as we had not met up for over a year.  After this, she texts me the next day and day after.  I am also invited to a play which I go to the next week.  She just keeps texting me and messaging me on facebook.  I dont dislike her, but I dont want to meet up or talk to her every other day.  Every other month maybe two texts, but not every other day! How do I tell her this?...

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just give her very brief, but still polite reply. Don't initiate questions. Don't start discussions. Don't type "ttyl" <br />
<br />
and I'd avoid meeting her for a while..

Hmm, I do like seeing her for a coffee or something every now and then, but I get frustrated at being text or emailed all the time!

I think you do like her, and scared to show your true feelings about it.