In a different situation it would be ok. I seen the interveiws with her and she sounds veeery selfish.Its all about her.When asked if she thought it was a selfish thing of her to do she said no becouse she gives them love... ok. Im sure everyone knows most of the details of the situation so i wont go into it all.In my opinion theres just something not right about the lady. Shes just not all there or something , i dunno.Anyway its a pretty messed up deal.Im sure as much publicity as shes getting that one way or another she will be getting a decent amount of money but i dont like her. At the very least she annoys me.

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no kidding. She had enough but she just had to be selfish. I mean, thats border line mental.

8 kids....um....let's be serious....this lady is not ok...it's too much...for one birth!0_0

I would have to agree with that

I don't know much about this story, but it does seem very selfish to me. I mean, there are sooo many kids out there with noone that loves them. And here this lady is only adding more kids to an overpopulated world. I mean, how do you love all 14 kids the same? Someone is going to get neglected there.

I can understand the outcry and agree with most of the opinions expressed. Thankfully this type of situation is still a rarity. I think the focus now should be turned to the welfare of the fourteen children who like all children deserve a happy future.

I am upset that we were not able to teach sex education in high School and the results were MANY girls got pregnant and if they considered having an abortion their Church threaten them with eternal Hell and if they did try to even get counseling at the planed parenthood place a bunch of right wing Christens would be screaming at them so they would just drop out of school, ruin their chance of a decent life, and have the unwanted baby. Now because they were often poor and their ***** donor was not to be found they turned to welfare. BY THE THOUSANDS, YEAR AFTER YEAR, EVERY YEAR THAT I WAS TEACHING AND STILL NOW…DD

Nono not wanting to, she does have one up . Rediculous.How is it anyone elses problem.She did this to herself. At least she picked a great time to have all of them with the economy being so good right now and everything.Good luck EVER finding a man now lady. Talk about bagage.

Right, I agree.Thats not to say you wont love all of them but not only is it selfish but inconsiderate to the other kids. I cant see anyone getting any sleep in that house and tell me who is going to be changing all of those diapers. I beleive i had heard she was going to try and breast feed them???? if thats true then shes got another thing coming. Shes a definate fruit loop

I agree. You can love your children, but spreading love to 14 kids is getting pretty thin to say the least.