Maybe So....

Hey-someone on state aid with 6 kids gets help having 8 more-disgusting. but not on her part. she is obviouly disturbed. it's bullsh*t on the doctor's part.


but sending this lady death threats (seen on CNN two seconds ago)? who really means that? why would you want someone to die over this???

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5 Responses Feb 12, 2009

It is a sad situation all around. But like ole nudie said, it's not the children's fault. And they should get all the help they need for a decent chance at a good life. In Kansas, where I was raised, when a woman on wellfare had her 3rd child, she had to agree to be sterolized or she could have no more increases in wellfare for future children.

The doctor can pay, but much more than the money, these kids need attention and guidance and I do not think that a single solitary mother (even with grandma and grandpa) can suffice!.

This same lawless doctor has another women pregnant with quadruplets!.<br />
It is no use to wish her harm instead we should wish her children grace and peace. This woman will not be able to take care of 14 kids no matter how much money she has from private or public sources. She needs hands and people who can help her with the children and even when they are older, she will not be able to give anyone of them more than a few minutes of attention. I feel so bad for these kids that will be growing up with lack of leadership. love )yes I know she loves them, but will not be able to demonstrate it but in the most minute manner). This is a terrible situation all around and I have ask why is there no oversight on this doctor on these types of situations. Not that I want government in my health care, but there are times, like this, that lack of oversight really defeats the life of many individuals!

I think they're both responsible here. The woman shouldn't have gone to the doctor in the first place and the doctor should have known better. Have fun paying for this family, California taxpayers.

I am upset that we were not able to teach sex education in high School and the results were MANY girls got pregnant and if they considered having an abortion their Church threaten them with eternal Hell and if they did try to even get counseling at the planed parenthood place a bunch of right wing Christens would be screaming at them so they would just drop out of school, ruin their chance of a decent life, and have the unwanted baby. Now because they were often poor and their ***** donor was not to be found they turned to welfare. BY THE THOUSANDS, YEAR AFTER YEAR, EVERY YEAR THAT I WAS TEACHING AND STILL NOW…DD