1. It's not fair to the children. They're going to have some hard lives. 

2. It's not fair to the citizens for California. 

3. The doctor was way out of line.

4. The damn mother shouldn't have wanted to be implanted in the first place. All of this, and the subsequent miserable lives of her children, are all her fault. 

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

It is her life but we do have a say in what she chooses to do. I strongly disagree with that statement. She hijacked our medical system. The cost of delivering and caring for her children will be in the millions. Octomom is not going to pay for that. Society will pay for it. That is why we have a say in what she chose to do.<br />
The doctor made a grave mistake and his license should be taken away. He made a highly unethical decision. If his license is not taken away it should be sanctioned. Every decision he makes should be reviewed by another doctor or an ethics board.<br />
Many fertility specilialists say it is not their decision to tell people how many children to have. As dr Arthur Kaplan the bioethesist has said " If a person with a record of child abuse, active drug user and a long criminal record asked for fertility services is the doctor supposed to say "give me enough money and you can have as many children as possible" It gives new meaning to the phrase cash and carry"<br />
It is physically, mentally and financially IMPOSSIBLE for one person to take care of 14 people of any age. If the nation was not focussed on the financial crisis the legislature would pass laws to control the fertility industry.<br />
No one should have 14 children. Octomom is crazy!! She especiall, should not have 14 children. Her children are going to have a hard life and it is octomoms fault.


this woman is very misguided and I feel has some mental issues. her behaivor is not what most would call normal. Yes, the doctor is very much part of the blame here. but if a women has the right to choose to have or not have a baby. what would be difference if she had had 14 abortions instead of 14 babies?<br />
<br />
It is her life and we really have no say in what she chooses to do. There are many people and children in this country that have a hard life.