Here Are a Few of Them.....

 Just off the top of my head:

1. Hot water heater.  What's up with that?  It's Water Heater. Not "hot water heater"! If the water is hot already it doesn't need a heater, or, is the heater hot to the touch? Then it could be said, the "white, old, rusty, hot, water heater" just as well. 

2. Preventative.  I think they added it to the dictionary "by popular misuse". The word is "Preventive".  The verb is not "preventate", it is "prevent".   "Preventive Measures", not "preventative measures".  

3. Sensitive. To signify someone who is overly touchy.  No! A sensitive person is a sweet, caring person, concerned for the good of others and how their actions affect others!  NOT touchy.  Touchy is insensitive in the real meaning of the word.  But often it is used to mean "touchy" :-(

4. Iregardless.  Iregardless?  No! :-(  "Regardless of what others say, .........".  Or, "in disregard of what others say, etc etc......". But NOT "iregardless"! 

I can't think of anymore right now, I'm tired. I probably will add more "as time goes by" LOL


5. Nauseous.  Another one added to the dictionary due to excessive misuse.  It should be: "I feel nauseated, that ride was wild".  The roller coaster ride is nauseous, or the smell is nauseous, or the food, or whatever, but he or she who FEELS the nausea, is NAUSEATED. 

6. "Where it's at".  No. It should be "Where it is", "Where I am" not,  -where I'm at".  This is so widely misused, it's endearing.  :-)  "Where are you at?" is wrong, should be "where are you?" 



Evania Evania
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4 Responses Aug 4, 2009

Honey maybe it's a little "aragant". I know that many incredibly brilliant people don't have good penmanship or perhaps even spelling. But I truly don't judge folks ba<x>sed on their education AT ALL. Nothing could be further from the truth for me. I am sorry if this gives you that impression. :-)

Ha ha ha!! Chainsaw :-D<br />
<br />
How about: "I would have WENT....... if I had known" WENT. Went? <br />
It is: "I would have GONE....... if I had, blah blah........." <br />
<br />
In some verbs it works out, but "go" is an irregular one and it doesn't go :-)<br />
Isn't it an irregular? Maybe I'm lying here, very long since I sat in a Language Class.

DHG you are hilarious!! LOL That was great :-) (Always enjoy a good laugh :-)<br />
<br />
Xen, I know. How about "supposably", "exetera", or "except" when they want to say "accept", as in "they don't except me".... wha??

How about "ECK-SPECIALLY"?<br />
Instead of 'especially'?<br />
Or 'SIM-U-LAR'?<br />
instead of 'similar'?<br />
I could go on for days....

I understand your pet peeves. I hate when people do that as well. HOpefully someone will take preventative measures against this. Iregardless of what people might say, they do use these on a regular basis and think they are writing perfectly fine. I know. I'm sensitive to this types of issues as they get on my nerves a lot.