My Voice Doesn't Match My Appearance..

Well, so I've been told.. I'm about 5'6 and pretty fit. I'm not too thin and not too thick, but I do look strong and solid. When I have a vacant face expression, I look mad--According to other people..So when people see me they think I'm some mean chick that can kick ***. However, once they hear my soft voice, they can't help but laugh from relief then tell me how weak and soft my voice sounds. It's not like I like it that I look like I'd be mean, but I don't want to be considered weak just because of my voice. I'm positive this is why I'm too insecure to socialize with other classmates..
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I don't like my voice either. I've been told it's soft and sexy , but I don't think so. That might be over the phone. I know it's whiny and I'm afraid I sound insecure , but I'm not. All my sisters sound the way I do and sometimes they get on my nerves when they are talking. So I figure that I must get on others nerves also. I'm not really putting it into words that well. I rather just not talk to others that much. I wish my voice sound different. There is a famous star out there who said she took training for her voice to speak differently. When I try to find out how to do this I get only info on voice lessons for singing.