I Have Pcos And Metabolic Syndrome

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Areyan Areyan
2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

i am sorry you are going through this and similar illnesses as well. eventually i think i'll be able to joke about due dates but its true isn't it, how hurtful it can be to have to tell people you are just overweight. thanks for the supportive comment, i hope we can both find ways to manage our illnesses and weight gain in the future, despite the conditions that cause them.

I deff fell you on this one.. I am 19 years old I have PCOS I am a diabetic .. and I am now being tested for Cushing sydrom.. I have the exact same body you said and it feels like everyone stares all the time at me.. its almost easier to say when ppl ask when your due that your actually preggo and spit out a random date then to face the humiliation of "ooh no im not preggo just fat" =/