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Ever since about the 3rd grade i was always the bigger girl compared to the other naturally skinny girls. i had curves and got boobs very young and so boys would call me fat and tease me, i never told my family because i was embarrased, my mom was always skinny and gorgeous i just wanted to be her so bad. as time went on i grew into my curves yet being so depressed from the teasing i was never able to let go of the few extra pounds so i was overwheight. until ~i dropped out of highschool because of depression and hating myself i turned to annorexia and bulimia which leads me to where ive been stuck, and ive lost 30 pounds and the fact side of me knows im not fat but the image that haunts me sees the ugly fat girl i was my whole life. im to embarassed to tell anyone and here i can remain unknown. sometimes i get so depressed i dont leave my house and friends will ask where i was and i have to lie because i dont know what else to do. i fear ill never get over this because it only seems to get worse.. i want a job and a normal life but i hate myself

jessbess jessbess 18-21, F 5 Responses Oct 18, 2009

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I know exactly what your going through! Everyone in my family is skinny and petite and I seem to be the only one that got curves and actually developed boobs/: for such a long time I felt I was this big girl and I needed to be thin like the rest of my family but those thoughts have ruined my career for a piece of mind I certainly never got. I still feel as though am bigger than everyone else even though am a size 6 or 8. Just because u have curves or boobs or don't have a Hugh thigh gap, it doesn't mean your fat! Don't compare yourself to other people and try be happy in your own body:)

just think positive,<br />
<br />
keep yourself active by doing something in your spare time.<br />
<br />
CUT THE SUGAR/SALT in the food you eat.<br />
order a salt free meal and add little before you eat.<br />
<br />
drink natural juices and avoid concentrates they are full of sugar.<br />
<br />
if you can afford buy from your drug store a detoxification treatment and it will clean your large intestine from bad acids they build up and clog the walls with bad feeling.<br />
<br />
try a simple habit drink a glass of water every morning before you brush your teeth...before you brush your teeth,<br />
<br />
let me know how you feel,, the bottom line is your fat puts a big load on your heart.<br />
<br />
its like a car filled with a big big load but a small engine so change your food habits..

sliperysneaker just because you don't know something doesn't mean it doesn't exist, I think you don't like that YOUR conceited, why are you blaming jessbess. You didn't read her story properly. She didn't say she developed when she was 8, she said, she developed young. It's hard enough to express these hidden emotions, then you come along and add salt to the wound. I think it's YOU that you need to examine. That's just plain mean.<br />
<br />
jessbess: You're not alone. I wrote a story too. sliperysneaker will probably criticize me too, since she's/he's so perfect, we'll never measure up.

Oh yeah I am looking good too,and I at 40,and have 25 year olds that want me,Probably for sex,I have no money just know how to flirt,But I am not concieted,and do not paint a picture of myself with a foolish advatar.<br />
<br />
My pics real on My$p4cE DOT c0m.

I think you need to quit being so concieted,and PAINTING THIS FAKE picture of yourself,get down,and be a real woman,because when you fall off your pedistal,<br />
<br />
Sorry I never seen a 3rd grader with big boobs you dumb *****<br />
<br />
CONCEIT gets you NOWHERE but used by men,so yruck on in lots. <br />
Your advatar speaks alot about u too HELLOOO!