I Don't Hate My Boyfriend's Family, I Just Dislike The Way They Are...

My boyfriend's family is fairly opposite of mine. My family is really close, sure we have fought sometimes, but there has never been any real drama. We get over it and are fine the next day. My boyfriend's family consists of very dramatic people. Always some "drama" going on between all of them. And I've never experienced really any drama in my life until I met my boyfriend. I'm beginning to think I should just stay away from his family because I'm so afraid of more drama. I've already had tons of drama between his brother and his brother's wife. It's like everyone is so selfish, that they don't really care about peace, and getting along, and being close with eachother. It's like they'll be sorta close to eachother for a minute and then drama starts and they are all deleting eachother on facebook and being mad over stupid little things. I mean it's not even real stuff they are starting drama over, it's stupid crap like "OMG my brother is going to school and I'm a lazy bum who wants to do nothing with my life and now that my brother is going to school that means my parents are going to force me to do something with my life and so I'm going to get mad at my brother and delete him off of facebook..." Stuff like that. It's so stupid. All of them got problems, not that I dislike them or hate them. I just wish they would just quit this annoying drama **** and be close and get along. Because I truly want to get along with them, especially if I stay with my boyfriend and have kids with him, I want my kids to be close to both sides of their family and close with their cousins.

Maybe I'm so close to my family because I know what it's like to have a very close family member die (my father died when I was 7), so I don't take family for granted, but it's like my boyfriend and all his famly do take eachother for granted, and I hate that. I wish there was something I could do to change that.
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That's really sad to hear, sounds worse than my situation. :(